Top 7 Best Hemp BJJ Gis of 2023: A Comprehensive Review and Buying Advice

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In 2023, there are now more BJJ Gis options than there ever has been before. Numerous types of Gis from traditional, light, ultra-light, competition training, and the one we’ll be talking about here, the hemp type.

A hemp BJJ Gi is probably the best investment you can make for your Jiu-Jitsu training. Below are my choices for the best hemp BJJ Gis on the Jiu-Jitsu market at the moment.

I’m going to give you a complete breakdown of why these are the best hemp Gi’s on the planet—giving you a full description of each Gi and a little bit about the companies that make them.

Why Buy a Hemp BJJ Gi?

Hemp jiu jitsu gis are becoming increasingly popular because they provide hemp clothing advantages while still allowing grapplers to utilize their MMA/BJJ attire:

Hemp is antibacterial in nature.

Because of their antibacterial properties, hemp gis are less likely to smell. This implies they can tolerate sweaty drills and tough rolls better than any other kind of gi. You know how essential this is if you’ve ever forgotten to wash your gi after a sweaty 2-hour workout.

Hemp is Breathable

Wearing a hemp gi can help you become a better grappler. Hemp is considerably lighter and more breathable than other gi fabrics, such as cotton or ripstop.

Hemp stays softer longer

Just be cautious. If the product is produced in Pakistan and costs less than $100, it’s very likely that it isn’t real. Be careful whom you buy from. I’ve already done the legwork for you and looked up these four companies.

Hemp is more sustainable

Choosing to wear a hemp BJJ gi is more environmentally friendly than other types of jiu-jitsu gis. Hemp requires less water, uses fewer pesticides, and produces more grain per acre than any other crop.

Hemp is more durable

Is hemp stouter than steel? It may seem preposterous, but it is true. Hemp fabric is also more robust than standard textiles. Hemp gis have three times the tensile strength of cotton gis, so they’ll last a lot longer whether you’re fighting someone or training in the park with your pooch.

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Best Hemp BJJ Gis

Here is my ranked and reviewed list of the best hemp gis from this year

1. Hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi by SensoBJJ

SensoBJJ dedicated their business to making their Gi’s with the highest quality materials they can get their hands on. So, of course, the San Francisco based Gi company would do their research to make a high-quality hemp Gi.

That is how they came up with the Hemp 100% hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi. It is made of 100% hemp fibers and is pound for pound one of the most durable Gis you can buy.

The makers claim “it is like the first Judo Gi designed by Judo founder Jigoro Kano. Just a straight white kimono with only the company logos in a few places.

It is only available in white because SensoBJJ did not want to affect the hemp’s strength with dyes. This hemp Gi is hands down one of the best Gi’s you can purchase.

Best Overall
Hempo 100% Hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi Uniform
  • 550 GSM jacket and 375 GSM pants made of 100% hemp
  • Coolmax lining in the jacket and pants to increase ventilation and reduce friction
  • IBJJF compliant
  • Color: No dye or bleach was added to affect the hemp.
  • Size: A0-A4 for men.

2. Datsusara Combat Gi

Datusara’s Combat Gi is the world’s first Hemp Gi made specifically for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We have been making Hemp BJJ gis since 2008. Hemp has properties that make it a good choice for clothing. It fights microbes, it breathes well, and it is environmentally friendly.

Hemp is a great material for making martial arts gear because it is strong and comfortable. It can be used in any weather, and you can even wear it as pajamas on your days off.

Runner Up
Datsusara Combat Gi
  • Made of durable 100% Hemp
  • BJJ style weave and cut
  • Jacket - 17oz (580gsm)
  • Pants - 11oz (376gsm)
  • Total Gi Weight: A0-A5 3.6-5lbs (1.6-2.3kgs)
  • Braided cord that makes it easy to get in and out of.
  • Reinforced stitching makes the fabric stronger
  • Machine washable

3. Datsusara Combat Gi Women’s

This is the women’s version of the Datsusara Hemp Gi. It has all the features of the men’s Gi, but it is cut to fit a woman’s body.

Best Women's
Datsusara Combat Gi Women's
  • Jacket - 17oz (580gsm)
  • Pants - 11oz (376gsm)
  • Total Gi weight: F0-F5 3.6-5lbs (1.6-2.3kgs)
  • UVA foam collar
  • Braided cord drawstring: easy to get in and out of
  • Reinforced stitching: for strength and durability
  • Machine washable

4. Hempiam Gi

The Hempiam Gi is a high-quality hemp Gi made in Australia. It is made of 100% raw hemp that is organically grown and processed in Australia. Check to see the availability of shipping countries. The Hempiam Gi is comfortable and breathable.

Hempiam 100% Hemp Jiu-jitsu Gi
  • Top: 545 GSM
  • Pants: 375 GSM
  • Naturally off-white, they do not use bleaches or dies
  • Wash and dry your Gi prior to use.

5. Rain Hemp Gi

This men’s BJJ GI is made from 100% hemp, which is a natural material that is very environmentally friendly. This makes the gi a good choice for eco-conscious men who are looking for gym wear.

The gi top is made of 575gsm fabric and the pants are 375gsm. It has EVA collar and comes only in black. Their Raine logo is embroidered on both shoulders and is fitted with their Raine printed drawcord.

RAINE 100% Hemp GI
  • 575 GSM Hemp Jacket
  • 375 GSM Hemp pants
  • Moisture-wicking

6. Victor Budo Hemp Gi

Victor Budo isn’t as well known of a brand as other brands. But they are a decent option, and their Hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi is one of the best on the market. The Hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi by Victor Budo is made of 100% Hemp. The jacket is a Hemp/Cotton blend. This Jiu-Jitsu Gi is super soft, comfortable, and durable.

Victor Budo Hemp Gi
  • Hemp/cotton blend
  • 550gsm
  • Extra-long knee padding for more protection
  • Strengthened areas such as the crotch area for protection
  • White, black and navy blue

7. Flow Kimono Series Hemp

The Flow Kimono Hemp Gi is made of 100% Hemp. The Hemp used in this gi is organically grown and processed in Europe. This Jiu-Jitsu gi is super soft, comfortable, and durable.

Flow Kimono Hemp Gi
  • Size: A1-A4, A1L-A3L, and A1H-A3H for men.
  • Extremely soft and comfortable to train in
  • Breathable 100% hemp jacket and pants
  • Hemp fabric is a naturally antimicrobial and anti-odor
  • Hemp fabric does not allow bacteria such as staph and ringworm to survive
  • High-density foam-filled drawcord that stays tied
  • Note: Difficult to catch in-stock

The Research

How we do the research

We start by looking at hundreds of product reviews on major retailers, forums and product databases. Where possible, we then check with experts on what to consider when purchasing and what their top picks are. For each product, we check to see if the retailer and the manufacturer are reliable. You can see more about our process here. You can also read more about who we are on the about page.

Who this is for

Key Decision-Making Factors

When finding a Hemp made Gi, there are a few key factors you want to consider:

The feel of the fabric: Hemp fabric is soft and comfortable to wear, but some Gis are made from blends that can be heavy or rough.

How it looks: We like to have clean and simple designs that can be used in practice and in competition. This is why we tend to prefer Hemp Gis that are solid colors or have a simple print.

The price: Hemp Gis can be more expensive than traditional Gis, but you can find affordable options if you do some research.

How it is made (sustainably or not): If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, then make sure to check how the Gi is made.

Durability: Hemp is a durable fabric, but some Gis are made with cheaper materials that can wear down more easily. We also look at if the Gi will hold up from multiple washes or if it fades or wears quickly.

Ease of care: Hemp Gis require a bit more maintenance than regular Gis, but they are worth it because of their excellent durability.

Care Guide for your Hemp Gi

It’s critical to take care of your hemp BJJ gi. The first thing you don’t want to worry about is whether or not the material feels rigid when you first get it. Hemp fabric grows softer with each use and wash. Before putting on a 100% hemp Gi, wash it a few times so that the natural shedding of hemp may occur.

You can wash your hemp kimono in the washer and dryer, but be careful because it may shrink. If you don’t want it to shrink at all, you can hang it to dry. Avoid using bleach, however, because it will weaken the fibers in the kimono and reduce its lifespan. To keep your hemp kimono looking, feeling, and smelling its best, you should wash it after each use. Remember to follow the care instructions for your hemp kimono so that you may enjoy it for a long time!

Frequently asked questions

What is a hemp Gi?

Those who aren’t familiar with hemp fabric Gis allow me to tell you a couple of things about this super fabric. Hemp is one of the most durable materials you can use. 

Not only is it durable but it is also super light. It was only logical that Gi companies would finally get around to making hemp Jiu Jitsu Gis.

Why is hemp an excellent material for BJJ Gis?

Here are the reasons why hemp BJJ Gis are an investment you really should consider making.

  • Durability: Hemp is 4x stronger than cotton. Where most cotton Gis may fray or wear out over time, a hemp Gi will last you for years. If you take care of it properly, it can look just as good as the day you bought it.
  • Anti-Bacterial: The natural elements in hemp help fight off bacteria, while bacteria tend to stick to cotton. 
  • Anti-Odor: Since hemp Gis are anti-bacterial, this also means that the elements in hemp help fight off foul odors. You won’t have to worry about nasty smells sticking to your hemp Gi like with cotton Gis.
  • Breathable: A problem with a lot of Jiu-Jitsu Gis is they aren’t very breathable. During a training session on a hot day, you can sometimes feel like you’re suffocating wearing an average Gi. With a hemp Gi, this isn’t a problem as they’re breathable and provide adequate ventilation. 
  • Softer After Washing: A problem with a lot of cotton BJJ Gis is the material starts to get rough after numerous washes. Hemp surprisingly softens up when you rinse it, always giving you a comfortable fit.

Why did it take so long to make hemp BJJ Gis?

After reading about why hemp is such a great fabric, you’re probably wondering why there aren’t more on the market? Many countries, unfortunately, blacklisted hemp due to lousy drug laws, particularly in the United States.

In the late 1930s, the US government began outlawing numerous drugs. Hemp is a cousin of the cannabis plant and looks very similar to its cousin. The only difference is you can’t smoke hemp.

This fact didn’t matter to the US government as they outlawed hemp along with its cousin cannabis. It would take decades for people to see the benefits of hemp finally.

Thanks to better education, we’re finally seeing hemp used in various BJJ products that benefit grapplers.

Best Hemp Gi brands

  • Datsusara
  • Raine Clothing
  • Flow Kimonos
  • Senso Jiu Jitsu

Final Thoughts

Hemp BJJ Gis are a great investment for any grappler. They are still not widely produced but they are worth the effort to find one. Hemp Gis also soften up with each wash. If you’re looking for a long-lasting Gi that will keep you comfortable during training, a hemp Gi is the way to go.

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