7 Best Knee Pads for BJJ (Ranked and Reviewed 2023)

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What’s that one joint (I mean, two of them, if we are being precise) that you absolutely can’t practice BJJ without? If you happen to injure an elbow, ankle or wrist, you can still manage to at least drill in a way that keeps the injured joint out of harm’s way. You can even train around with some spinal injuries (although I’m not recommending it).

But, when you injure a knee or both of them at the same time (and I sure hope you don’t), you will find it hard to train or even stand up in that matter. And that’s not all! Recovering from a knee injury can take precious time and careful planning.

So, if you are serious about staying injury-free, then nothing can help you with that than the best knee pads for BJJ. Knee pads are your best friends when stepping on the mat. However, choosing one among hundreds to thousands of options is not an easy thing to do. As far as the best knee pads for BJJ go, I got you covered. Here are my top 5 picks for the best BJJ knee pads worth every penny!

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Best Knee Pads for Jiu Jitsu

Here is my list of the best BJJ knee pads for this year.

Best Overall

#1 Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad

Rated 4.4-star with over 3,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this protective knee pad from Bodyprox is ergonomically designed, high-density and high-quality making it suitable for all kinds of sports including grappling sports. It is a must-have for your BJJ training.  

Not only does Bodyprox made it especially breathable and incorporating large elastic force, but its high-density sponge material help absorbs also shocks and resists force impact.

In addition, freedom of movement is crucial for precise actions which can lead to victory. And this knee pad offers just that, protecting while freeing up your knee joints with the compressions and molding increasing blood circulation in order to guarantee that your joints will not stiffen up. 

Even with the huge amount of protection it offers, these knee pads are still extremely lightweight and will not hold you down. This is due to the breathable lightweight material used. Providing the ideal BJJ training experience, the Bodyprox also offers their knee pad at such a low cost, giving you the freedom and protection that you need— both on the mat and in your wallet.


#2 ASICS Low Profile Knee slider

For the BJJ fighters looking for basic protection at a slightly higher cost than the Bodyprox, the ASICS Knee Slider offers a lot of things that are worth every penny. The Knee slider offers pretty wide coverage, covering your entire knee as well as the sides. 

The knee pads feature 2 smaller sections in order to protect the sides as well as a large pad for the knee cap and the bottom of the knee. There is also a pad over the top of the knee for better protection.

The padding of this knee slider is made of polyurethane, contracting when pressed and bouncing back, which works pretty well on the mats, absorbing shock and has great impact resistance. 

Although not specifically made for BJJ, if you need reliable protection, these will work. They come in a single size which should fit just about anyone, however, if you are on the larger side, then it may be a bit tight.

Although these are not particularly great as an antimicrobial or for wicking away moisture, they’re very easy to wash. Plus, you get the option to choose between black and white.

ASICS Low Profile Knee Pads
  • Designed from nylon, rubber, and polyester
  • Comes in white and black
  • One size fits all
  • Does not wick away moisture

Budget Pick

#3 Mizuno Slider Kneepad

With a price tag under $10, the Mizuno Slider Kneepad is the perfect choice for the budget-conscious. This kneepad features a blend of spandex, polyester, and cotton, providing a stable and nice grip. It is meant to fully protect the front of your knee from abrasions and bruises while offering superior breathability and lateral support. 

Mizuno uses some of the thinnest material among knee pads, offering a very tight fit while providing a good amount of breathability to prevent sweat from building up. Due to the flexible material, this knee pad can feel a bit too tight during first use but stretching to a more comfortable fit after a few uses. 

In addition, the knee pad offers superior protection to the knee without sacrificing durability. You can be so sure that this kneepad can keep you protected for a long time. Although the knee pad can be used for just about any sport, it is particularly popular for BJJ and other grappling sports. 

Mizuno Slider Kneepad
  • Highly breathable
  • Neoprene panels
  • Lateral support
  • Individually sold

#4 Cliff Keen Wraptor Lycra 2.0 Kneepad

Although Cliff Keen is a wrestling brand, their kneepads are also suitable for the grappling sport of BJJ. They know what areas of the knee are the most vulnerable and have a better understanding of how to protect them while keeping you comfortable. 

Cliff Keen sells their best kneepad— the Wraptor Lycra 2.0— individually, so this raises the price just a little bit, placing it to the moderate to high-end choice. Now, its high price tag also means reliability and protection. 

It is very form-fitting, so these kneepads will not be very obvious under your gi or jut out. Specially designed to provide padding over a large area of your knee, it features 5 padding sections on every side, below and above the knees and the one that covers the knee cap itself.

The padding is also not as thick as others, but it does not mean that it is less effective, ensuring that it can absorb blows. In terms of comfort, Cliff Keen goes through great lengths to ensure that their pads are wearable. It features air vents that allow the knee pad to be breathable with the back of the pad featuring mesh panels stretching and flexing with the wearer.

Cliff Keen Wraptor Knee Pads
  • Widespread padding offering lots of protection
  • Provides a high level of support
  • Low profile design
  • Not sold as a pair

#5 Venum Kontact Gel Kneepads

Venum is a popular brand that produces all kinds of high-quality MMA gears. And the Kontact Lycra/Gel Kneepads are one of the best choices for BJJ due to the top quality materials used. Not only does it offer superior protection, but it is also extremely durable. 

This kneepad features Lycra for the construction of the pads, making it tough but flexible that bends with your knee to provide protection and stability. Meanwhile, the padding uses gel, offering superior protection against accidental strikes as well as grappling. Gel also tends to be lightweight but highly protective while easily fitting underneath your gi pants. 

Its padding features a part that protects the lower, upper and middle of the knee. Its middle part features the Venum branding, extending to the side of the knee to protect from tendon damage and blows. 

In terms of comfort, the kneepad also features air vents all around the back, preventing you from becoming sweaty. Plus, there’s a bunch of various colors and styles that can match the rest of your gear. 

Venum Lycra/Gel Knee Pads
  • Gel padding making it lightweight
  • Made from Lycra for durability
  • Stylish with several color schemes
  • Minimal padding

#6 McDavid Hex Knee Pads

The McDavid hex knee pads are a great pair of pads because that serve as compression sleeves and as knee pads. They also offer a slightly different design. They may be worth checking out due to the hex design. The hex offers a more support compared to the soft-padded alternatives. it’s important to note that these aren’t made specifically with combat sports in mind.

McDavid Hex Knee Pads
  • Compression
  • Minimal sliding
  • Thin/lightweight
  • Not specifically made for combat sports

#7 Racbeuk Knee Pads

The Racbeuk knee pads are the last pads on the list. They have a unique patented design that offers a little bit more flexibility for the knee pads. The only downside is that these aren’t made specifically with combat sports in mind.

Racbeuk Knee Pads
  • Doesn't slide
  • Unique patented design
  • Comfortable
  • Not specifically made for combat sports

#Bonus: Bauerfeind Knee Support

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

This doubles as a knee support and a knee pad. It's good for staying in place. The only downside is that it's a little bit longer so it tends to soak up more sweat when you're rolling for longer periods of time.

02/18/2024 04:47 am GMT

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Buying Guide

In BJJ, knee pads are subjected to more wear and tear than in most other sports. They must last when you’re sliding around on the mat and they must be flexible. If you plan to roll for a lengthy period at an open mat, durable breathable knee pads are required. Knee pads for BJJ need to be able to absorb a lot of impacts because BJJ involves taking frequent wrestling assaults. These impacts can damage your knees over time, therefore it is critical that the cushioning be able to alleviate them.

Knee pads for BJJ should provide cushioning to the surrounding muscles. This will aid you when performing dramatic takedowns, as well as help you resist being taken down. This will reduce the risk of getting a severe injury.

Materials and design

The knee pads need to be made of breathable, flexible material. This is because Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires you to adopt numerous postures where your knees may be bent or straightened. Because BJJ involves so many different positions, the knee pads must be flexible and breathable.

Knee pads for BJJ should have a knee cap protection pad. This will safeguard your patella and help it from deteriorating over time. Knee pads that are long sleeved are also preferable. The muscles around your knee would benefit from having this support, keeping the knee pad in place.

The weight and length of the material

When it comes to BJJ, you want to make sure you have the correct size and weight for the padding. You don’t want to feel like you’re balancing on a foam block when you’re on your knees. You also don’t want a delicate linen wrap that keeps falling apart while in half guard. What you desire is lightweight but can also cushion the blow. New knee pads are frequently constructed of a unique type of gel that makes them both light and sturdy.

When it comes to BJJ knee pads, you want something that will support the muscles surrounding the joint. This is crucial since you don’t want to just invest in knee pads. If you’re looking for long-term Jiu-Jitsu training, you’ll need something with more support.

Knee braces vs. knee pads: which is better?

Knee braces offer greater protection than knee pads. Knee bracing is built with padding all around it to safeguard your limb from impact as well as other types of trauma. Supports made of rigid plastic or metal are common in knee braces. Bicyclists sometimes use these to protect their knees if they fall over, believing them to be only for people who have undergone surgery or an ACL tear. A brace may be used by anybody to help protect their joints.

Many BJJ practitioners do not wear knee braces. They might limit your mobility and make quick movement challenging. Plastic or metal components of a brace that are soft may cause discomfort to your training partner. If you wear a knee pad, you will never need to use a knee brace. Braces with hard elements, on the other hand, are prohibited in all major BJJ competition rules.

Types of knee pads for BJJ

Knee pads are a fantastic product that may be used for a variety of sports, including BJJ. There are many different types of knee pads on the market, but you don’t need to purchase one specific to BJJ. Wearing them while working physically hard or just requiring some extra support during the day is fine.

Look for something lightweight that surrounds the knee if you’re searching for the greatest knee pads for BJJ. Keep in mind that just because a knee pad doesn’t advertise that it’s made specifically for BJJ, it does not imply that you can’t use it at the gym. If you want, ask your coaches or training partners about any suggestions they may have.

Injury Prevention

You might believe you don’t need knee pads if you don’t have any discomfort during training. However, this is a mistake. If you want to continue training BJJ for a long time, you should consider injury prevention rather than just recovery. Injuring oneself is one of the most common threats among those that train frequently. Knee pads can’t guarantee that you won’t get hurt, but they offer some degree of protection against many typical injuries. BJJ puts a lot of strain on the legs, and knees are among the most prevalent reported ailments.

You can get Chondromalacia patella if you don’t maintain your knees. The cartilage beneath the kneecap begins to wear away, causing this pain condition. To avoid these sorts of long-term overuse injuries, you should strengthen the surrounding muscles. Apart from performing exercises that target these support muscles, wearing a knee brace can give additional support to the joint. This extra help is one of the reasons why longer knee braces are usually preferable for training.

Other things to consider:

1. Make sure the pads fit snugly and don’t slip down your leg during training.

2. Look for pads that offer good padding and support without being too bulky.

3. Make sure the pads allow for a full range of motion while training.

4. Consider the price of the pads when making your purchase.

The Research

How we do the research

We start by looking at hundreds of product reviews on major retailers, forums and product databases. Where possible, we then check with experts on what to consider when purchasing and what their top picks are. For each product, we check to see if the retailer and the manufacturer are reliable. You can see more about our process here. You can also read more about who we are on the about page.

Who this is for

Kneepads are used by many different types of sportspeople and workers. They can help to protect your knees from scrapes, bruises and other minor injuries. However, they are not all created equal. Some are better suited for certain activities than others. For example, some kneepads have extra padding for those who play volleyball or basketball. Others have special straps that keep them in place during an intense activity like combat sports.

Key Decision-Making Factors

There are a few key factors that you should consider when searching for the right kneepads. These include:

The type of knee protection that you need. Are you looking for something soft and comfortable, or are you more concerned with superior protection?

The material used to make the kneepads. Some materials offer better support, while others are more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The fit of the kneepads. They should be comfortable, breathable, and provide a secure fit without sliding around or restricting movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are knee pads and how do they work?

Knee pads offer enhanced support when exercising and can help to decrease impact. Many people believe that knee pads are only for individuals who have just suffered a fracture, but they may also be utilized to avoid harm.

How long do knee pads last? 

It all comes down to the brand. Some firms have a longer lifespan than others. It’s a good idea to do some research and talk to your fellow gym-goers about the business.

How do I properly care for my jiu-jitsu knee pads?

Knee pads need very little upkeep. Maintain them by removing anything sharp that might pierce or tear them. Keeping them clean is also important. Most knee pads may be washed in the machine if you have a gi and belt, but double-check the information first.

Is it necessary to wear knee pads at all times while doing BJJ?

You don’t have to wear them every time you train, but if you do a lot of training, they might be useful. They can help with long-term support and prevent overuse injuries.

Final word

It should always be in your best interest to invest in any kind of safety equipment, particularly for your knees. You will find that a few dollars spent to prioritize your safety can prevent not only nasty bruises and cuts but the potential risk of career-ending injuries.

If you’d ask me, my best pick from the above list would be the Bodyprox Kneepads. It is made for any kind of sport, offers superior protection with its high-density sponge, lightweight, comfortable, and super affordable.

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