7 Best Muay Thai Pads (Ranked & Reviewed 2022)

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Muay Thai is a martial art from Thailand, originating in the 18th century. The word muay means “to bind” and Thai refers to “from Thailand.” Muay Thai is known internationally as one of the most effective striking arts. It utilizes eight points of contact: fists, elbows, knees, and shins. In addition to these basic techniques, there are also many elbow strikes and defensive techniques.

Muay Thai is an intense sport and getting the right gear is important to avoid injury. In particular, Muay Thai pads are necessary for training purposes. The best pads will work hard to protect your hands and offer you a high level of comfort during training. It may seem like there are tons of options out there but don’t be fooled – not all Muay Thai pads are created equal. Here are the best Muay Thai pads that will serve both your needs as a fighter and your wallet

How we chose

  • Quality. We included items produced by reputable manufacturers that adhere to good manufacturing processes.
  • Vetting. We take product selection seriously. We only want to recommend the highest quality products, which is why we carefully vet every potential supplier.
  • Price. We try to provide options for everyones budget preferences.

Best Muay Thai Pads

Here are my picks for the best Muay Thai pads this year.

Best Overall

#1 Fairtex Curved Pads (Pair)

The Fairtex Muay Thai Kickboxing Standard Pads are the perfect set of training equipment for any martial artist. These kick pads have two forearm support straps as well as a reinforced riveted handle to maintain stability and balance. The arched design ensures that a fighter develops good leg strikes, making these an indispensable tool for all types of athletes and a perfect addition to any home or commercial gym. The perfect addition to any MMA fighter’s workout routine, these pads help protect you against harm while sparring with partners during practice. The pads are shipped as a pair. The pads are 15 Inches long however they are listed as 17 by 17 with 6 inches dimensions for shipping purposes.

The cons of the Fairtex Muay Thai Kickboxing Standard Pads arise from the pad which comes with two layers of cushioning for protection against shock. They also have a steel frame that is durable and lightweight which will help protect your arm from any injury and fatigue. However, these pads are much more expensive than other pads on the market today, they are heavy, they take up more space than others on the market today, they’re not easy to carry around because they require 6 foot long poles to be able to use them.

The Fairtex Muay Thai pads are specially designed to help fighters train more effectively. There are many different types of pads on the market – from PVC to leather – but Fairtex is the best choice for beginners because it combines affordable prices with excellent quality.

Fairtex Curved Pads (pair)


Soft padding on the head for jabs

2 forearm straps

Runner Up

#2 CombatSports Leather Muay Thai Pads (Pair)

The CombatSports Leather Muay Thai Pads are a perfect combination of size, weight, and features. With 16″ tall x 8″ wide x 4″ thick dimensions, these pads offer plenty of room to strike without sacrificing mobility. The Ultra light-weight foam construction is designed specifically for easy use and comfort on both the user and their training partner. The two hook & loop straps enable a secure fit that won’t shift during heavy use or sparring. Finally, the leather construction means they will withstand continual abuse and provide years of performance. 

The cons of the Combat Sports leather are that even though padding is comfortable, it can make the gear too heavy to be used for long periods of time. Rubber and foam are breathable, but they’re not as protective or durable as leather. Leather has great protection and it’s durable, but it’s heavier than other materials.

Budget Pick

#3 Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai Kickboxing Kick Pads (Pair)

First and foremost, the Sanabul pads are extremely light! They are, nevertheless, incredibly sturdy and can withstand a kick. The San-Air Foam Technology on the front makes the pad feel soft and bouncy for the kicker, which is ideal for a rookie kicker, while the density of the structure within gives you confidence to handle larger smashes.

The cons of this Thai Pad are that the top bar makes it difficult to acquire a strong grasp. It’s also tough to grip for some users. In addition, if you do long pad sessions, the synthetic leather can make you sweat a lot.

#4 RDX Thai Pads for Kickboxing Muay Thai with Solid Handle Grip

The RDX Pads for Kickboxing Muay Thai with firm Handle Grip are designed to give you protection and comfort when training. Made from leather and filled with Gel integrated thick Foam, these pads are durable and provide lasting protection. With an ergonomic design, the pad is lightweight and doesn’t feel bulky or heavy when worn. The pad has a curved shield that is perfect for punching or protecting your head during sparring. It’s also versatile as it can be used for boxing, MMA or even Taekwondo training. It is sold as a pair of two pads and comes in a variety of colors such as black, blue, green, red white, yellow.

The con with these pads is that it’s possible that they might hold up to a lot of use.

RDX Thai Pads
  • Maya Leather
  • 1090 Grams
  • Hook and loop closure

#5 Ring to Cage (RtC) GelTech Deluxe Thai Pad for Muay Thai

If you’re a Muay Thai enthusiast, then you know that the best way to train is with a real Muay Thai pad. But what if your budget is tight? In that case, you might have to go with an imitation. If so, take a look at Ring to Cage (RtC) Thai Pad for Muay Thai. These pads are made out of high-quality materials and have an ergonomic design for comfort and durability. The pad itself weighs about 2 pounds and is about 5 inches in height. On the other hand, pro pads usually weigh up to 4 pounds which can be too heavy for some people,

Ring to Cage GelTech Deluxe Thai Pad
  • 2.85 lbs / pad
  • GelTech foam
  • Used by Georges St-Pierre
  • 15" Tall x 8" Wide x 3.0 Thick"
  • Sold as Pair

#6 Everlast Thai Pad

Everlast Thai Pads have been around for a long time. They are often used in martial arts, boxing, and other contact sports. Since they are made of foam, some people find them more comfortable to use than the traditional boxing glove. However, because they have no wrists support, many people say that they can’t box in them for an extended amount of time without wrist pain. It is their main con. 

Everlast Thai Pad (Black)
  • Synthetic leather
  • ‎2.76 x 7.99 x 15 inches
  • Single pad
  • ‎490 Grams

Premium Pick

#7 Venum Skintex

The Venum Skintex is a Kick Pad made from synthetic leather and designed for both martial arts and MMA. It comes with an elastic band that wraps around the foot and ankle for better support and protection. It also features a non-slip surface on the top, which helps you stay steady during kicks. However, its main con is that it can’t be washed or dried in a dryer, and it doesn’t come with any kind of warranty.

Venum Skintex Leather Light Kick Pad (Pair)
  • Matte black
  • Leather
  • Reinforced handle
  • Velcro fastening straps

Buying Guide 

How to Choose The Best Muay Thai Pads

If you train on a mixed martial arts (MMA) side of the sport, then you definitely need a pad that works for both combat and strength training. The hardest part about choosing a pad is finding one that will work as well as the pads you already have. A great MMA pad is perfect for both light training and hard workouts. For example, a pad with a narrower back isn’t going to fit as well as a wider pad when training for grappling. It also shouldn’t leave marks on the shoulders.

  • Important Features:

    The major feature that you should be looking for is comfort. If you can’t sit or stand for long periods of time during training sessions then you’ll want to invest in pads that fit your needs and can be used for multiple training sessions. In addition, the material used in your pads should offer both protection and good airflow. If the materials don’t breathe well and aren’t flexible then you might have problems with blisters or skin infections. 
  • Price Range:

    You’ll also want to consider the price point. Muay Thai pads will cost you money but it’s worth the investment because you won’t regret it. For example, the cheapest pads will still do their job and you can modify them and make them fit your needs.
  • Hand Protection:

    The most essential requirement for a Muay Thai pad is a hand protector. While you won’t need to use a lot of protection to continue practicing the sport, having a proper pad is highly recommended. However, not all pads are created equal, so make sure that you find one that is suitable for your size and hands. The pad should also be comfortable and make full use of the foam. 

    The size of Muay Thai Pads come in different sizes for different hands. For example, boxing pads are usually made for the smaller hands while wrestling pads are for the larger hands. Make sure to choose a pad that suits your needs. The size of the pad also depends on the fighting techniques. The pad you use should be close to your body, so make sure to measure its size to fit you perfectly.
  • Comfort:

    Some pads are extremely rigid and may not feel very comfortable. The best Muay Thai pads are ones that offer flexibility. Some competitors have complained of these kinds of pads being too soft, and they would much rather train with a pad that allows for a good range of motion and a good grip on their hands. 

    If you don’t have the room to train in a dedicated Muay Thai gym, then a good compromise would be getting a pad that will give you the flexibility you want while staying soft enough to allow you to train in them without discomfort. Another thing to consider is that pads may have padding around the center but not around the wrist. So if you tend to have strong wrists, it may be a good idea to avoid pads that have a center that is made of hard plastic or wood.
  • Durability:

    Determine what you are going to be using your Muay Thai pad for the most. If you want a solid pad that will serve as a training aid for sparring, it is likely a pad you will need to be durable. While you want the pad to offer a good level of protection, you also want to consider how your hands will be used. You don’t want to invest a lot of money into something that will only serve as a decorative piece. You also don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that will break soon after purchase. 

    Muay Thai pads can be worn for sparring and ground work. The smell of your pads can sometimes get strong during heavy sparring sessions. Due to this, it is important that you find a pad that won’t get worn or get too smelly.

Frequently asked questions

How much do Muay Thai Pads Weigh?

Muay Thai pads are an essential part of Muay Thai training. They provide a target for kickboxing and other pad strikes, and they ensure realistic practice that’s close to the intensity of a real fight. Just as importantly, they also protect the stomach and chest area from serious or fatal injury. Despite their importance in different types of training, it can be hard to know how much these pads weigh. The reason is that there are many variables to take into account when estimating weight. For instance, different sizes of pads will have different weights due to the size difference. Also, Thai pads are about double in size and rectangular in shape, weighing between 1.5 to 4 kg (around 3 to 9 lbs) each.

Can you use a Muay Thai Pad for punching?

Some people use Thai pads for punching as a form of training. Though you can use them for punches, you’ll find that they are designed to protect your partner from being hit on the stomach and abdomen areas. The pads are also padded to offer extra protection against high-impact blows.

How to kick a Muay Thai Pad?

Kicking in Muay Thai pads is a fun way to get in shape and help prepare for a fight. It also helps to improve your balance and coordination. Here are some easy steps to kick Muay Thai pads:

  1. Start by standing on the outside edge of your foot with your heel raised off the ground.
  2. With one arm extended straight in front of you, pivot off of your back foot and step forward onto your front foot so that you are now standing on both feet with your body weight shifted slightly towards the front leg.
  3. Make sure that your feet strike the pads in order to create power and force.

Will Muay Thai make you skinny?

Yes, it’s true. Muay Thai can help you lose weight. All you need to do is sign up for a Muay Thai class and you’ll begin to notice the pounds melting off of you. Training in the martial art of Muay Thai was first introduced to Western culture by Bruce Lee in the 1970s. The idea was to make the individual an “empty vessel” of sorts, creating a body that is relaxed and free from tension. After time, one’s muscles develop lean muscle which then burns off excess calories. If that weren’t enough, regular training in Muay Thai also boosts your metabolism and strengthens your core muscles, which can help with everything from weight loss to back pain relief.

Muay Thai training offers excellent health benefits as it improves strength and endurance, promotes fat loss, reduces stress, and increases flexibility and coordination. Training in Muay Thai includes bodyweight exercises such as kicking, pushing, punching, jumping, shadow boxing, and those who practice it can get into good shape in no time at all. The most impressive and visible results, however, are achieved by the head-to-toe workouts.    

The final word

If you are fully committed to improving your Muay Thai skills, you must have a pair of kick pads by your side. They can assist you in getting the most out of each training session without jeopardizing the safety of your training partner.

Choose only the best Muay Thai pads to maximize your benefit and ensure the safety of both you and your training partner. It might be beneficial to buy the best product, look beyond the cost, and get the best equipment to ensure that your fighting skills improve, which offers protection to you and your training partner.

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