Top 150 Jiu Jitsu Gi Brands: Comprehensive List 2023

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There are a lot of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi brands on the market today. It can be hard to know which one is right for you. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of the top 150 bjj gi brands. Each brand may differ slightly, some may only focus in bjj gis, others may make products in multiple sports categories, some may only have one gi, and others may only do collaborations.

Here is my list of top picks for jiu jitsu gi brands this year.

93brandUnited StatesPreview
AESTHETIC2012United KingdomPreview
Albino and Preto2011Preview
Araku SportsPreview
Bad Boy1982BangladeshPreview
Battle GearUnited KingdomPreview
BJJ GlobetrottersSaint BarthélemyPreview
BJJ Religion2011Preview
Blank KimonosPreview
BŌA FightwearFrancePreview
Booster FightgearBelgiumPreview
Braus FightAustraliaPreview
Bravo2018United StatesPreview
Brazil CombatPreview
Break New GroundPreview
Break Point FCUnited StatesPreview
Bull Terrier2002JapanPreview
Cascagrossa WearBrazilPreview
Century Martial Arts1976United StatesPreview
Combat Corner Professional2007United StatesPreview
Conca Fight GearPreview
CTRL Industries2011Preview
Datsusara2007United StatesPreview
Day By Day Jiu JitsuPreview
DFKC Ricardo2011Preview
Dojo ChimpUnited StatesPreview
Dokebi Combat OutfittersPreview
Drako Sports2008Preview
É Nóis Clothing2009United StatesPreview
Elite SportsUnited StatesPreview
Faixa PretaUnited KingdomPreview
Fenom Kimonos2009United StatesPreview
Fire Team FitPreview
Flow Kimonos2012United StatesPreview
FortitudeUnited KingdomPreview
FUJI Sports1969United StatesPreview
FumetsuUnited KingdomPreview
Fushida Sports CorpCanadaPreview
Fusion FightGear2014CanadaPreview
Future KimonosReunionPreview
Gameness Fightwear1999United StatesPreview
Gimono2005New ZealandPreview
Go’n GetPreview
Gold BJJUnited StatesPreview
Gorilla Fight Gear2005CanadaPreview
Gr1psHong KongPreview
Grab+Pull2008United KingdomPreview
Gracie University1925United StatesPreview
Ground Fighter2009United StatesPreview
Ground Force GearPreview
Ground Game SportswearLuxembourgPreview
Habrok2016United StatesPreview
Half SumoUnited StatesPreview
Hitman International SportsPreview
Hooks Jiu-Jitsu2016Preview
Humble FightwearAustraliaPreview
Hunter Fight WearPreview
Hyperfly2011United StatesPreview
Inverted Gear2012Preview
ISAMI JapanPreview
Jitsugi2008United StatesPreview
Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood2007United KingdomPreview
Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear1999United StatesPreview
JiujiteiroUnited StatesPreview
Jotunn USAPreview
JreamUnited StatesPreview
Kano KimonosPreview
Kauai Kimonos2008Preview
Keiko Sports1988Preview
Killer Bee GiUnited StatesPreview
Kimonos DragaoBrazilPreview
Kimonos Torah1987BrazilPreview
Kingz Kimonos2011SpainPreview
Krugans KimonosBrazilPreview
LabyrinthNew ZealandPreview
Lanky Fight GearPreview
Live Love FightPreview
Loyal Kimonos2008United StatesPreview
Macaco Branco2012Preview
MaedaUnited StatesPreview
MantoUnited StatesPreview
Maximus KimonosPreview
Meerkatsu2014United KingdomPreview
Modern Flow BrandPreview
Moya BrandUnited StatesPreview
My Lucky GiPreview
N & C (Noughts and Crosses)Preview
Newaza ApparelUnited StatesPreview
Nine Lives2015United StatesPreview
Origin2009United StatesPreview
OSS ClothingUnited StatesPreview
Ouano International1999United StatesPreview
Platinum Jiu JitsuPreview
POSS2012Hong KongPreview
ProforceUnited StatesPreview
Progress Jiu Jitsu2012United KingdomPreview
Rainha FightwearUnited KingdomPreview
Raven Fightwear2013AustraliaPreview
Red Journey BrandUnited StatesPreview
Redstar BJJ2007Preview
Revgear1996United StatesPreview
Rios GearNorwayPreview
Roll SupremeUnited KingdomPreview
Rolljunkie Jiu JitsuUnited StatesPreview
Ronin Brand1980United StatesPreview
Sanabul2014United StatesPreview
Scramble BrandUnited KingdomPreview
Senki KimonosBrazilPreview
Senso BJJ2010United StatesPreview
Shogun FightUnited StatesPreview
Shoyoroll2006United StatesPreview
Spartan CombatUnited StatesPreview
Standard Kimono CompanyPreview
Storm Kimonos New ZealandUnited StatesPreview
SUB ApparelPreview
Submission SniperUnited KingdomPreview
Tatami Fightwear2009United KingdomPreview
The Atlas BrandPreview
Tricks and TrapsPreview
Unlimited FightwearFrancePreview
Valor Fightwear2011United KingdomPreview
Vandal Kimonos2012United StatesPreview
Vanguard KimonoPreview
Venum2006United StatesPreview
VHTSUnited StatesPreview
Viking Gear MMAUnited StatesPreview
Vital KimonosPreview
Vulkan Fight Company2002United StatesPreview
War Tribe GearUnited StatesPreview
We Defy Foundation2015United StatesPreview
Wolfhound FightgearPreview
X-Guard Brand2010United StatesPreview

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