The Ultimate Guide to the 1K Shoyoroll BJJ Gi: Unveiling the Most Expensive Jiu-Jitsu Kimono

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The most costly BJJ gi I’ve ever seen is the Black A2 Shoyoroll Beast. It costs $1,000. This is in keeping with a wider shift in which BJJ gis have grown more expensive. The Beast is made of 100% cotton and has a black pearl weave jacket and pants. Reinforced knees, reinforced stress points, and triple stitching seams are all evident in the design of this gi, which was clearly designed with a lot of attention to detail.

The most costly BJJ gi ever offered is a black A2 Shoyoroll Beast, which can be found for $1,000 on

Why Does Shoyoroll Cost So Much?

Shoyoroll is a brand that is known for having very expensive BJJ gis. They justify their high prices by citing the following factors:

  • Shoyoroll is a name that comes up frequently when you talk about high-quality BJJ gis.
  • Shoyoroll BJJ gi has unique patterns, which set it apart from other martial arts brands.
  • Exclusive Collaborations: Shoyoroll has a long history of working with the top BJJ coaches and fighters, wearing their gis over time.
  • Because all shoyoroll gis are one-of-a-kind and distinct, they become more valuable.

Why Buy An Expensive Gi?

For various reasons, people may spend $1,000 on a bjj gi. Here are seven reasons why someone might do this. The first and most significant reason to invest in a high-quality BJJ gi is because it offers many advantages. New weaveings that help you cool down quicker and anti-grip technology to make you more difficult to grab are two fascinating features found in the best BJJ gis.

There are people who prefer the most basic and inexpensive BJJ gis, and others who would rather pay more for a cooler-looking one. There are individuals that like to have the most costly equipment in the gym. I am not one of them, but it does not bother me. Some customers invest large sums of money on expensive timepieces, while others spend huge sums of money on distinctive BJJ gis. It appears to be more attractive if prominent figures in BJJ earn status from a gi brand than if they buy a generic rich person product like a Rolex.

Having confidence can assist your jiu-jitsu game. You may boost your self-confidence by purchasing a more costly gi. This is an excellent approach to feel better about yourself and your abilities. After accomplishing a goal in BJJ, people frequently upgrade to a higher quality gi. This might be as simple as being promoted to the next belt, signing up for their first BJJ competition, or just getting fitter. I think it’s smart to reward yourself every so often for positive actions.

Some people enjoy amassing a large number of BJJ gis. I don’t believe this is any more unusual than people collecting stamps, which is quite popular. It’s somewhat more difficult because BJJ gis, unlike postage stamps, do not last indefinitely if worn. However, the advantage is that your collection things will bring you memories as well.

Some individuals buy costly gis with the intention of reselling them for a profit. Speculation is when people spend a lot of money on something in order to sell it later for more money. It can make sense, but you must be cautious while doing so. Shoyoroll gis have a long history of increasing in value after they are purchased, making it an excellent speculative investment if you have the financial means.

Final Thoughts

I think there are definitely some great reasons to spend $1,000 on a BJJ gi. But I also understand that this is not feasible for many people. My personal advice would be to buy the best quality gi you can afford, and to not worry too much about the price tag. After all, it’s just a gi!

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