The Best Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar (Review and Guide 2023)

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Looking for the best squat rack with pull up bar? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll be reviewing the top seven squat racks with pull up bars on the market and providing a comprehensive guide on what to look for when purchasing one. Stay tuned!

Types of squat racks with pull up bars

  1. Wall-mounted
  2. Free-standing
  3. Power rack

Wall-mounted squat racks with pull up bars are the most space-efficient option as they can be mounted to a wall or ceiling. They are also the most affordable option, making them a great choice for those on a budget or with limited space.

Free-standing squat racks with pull up bars are ideal for those looking for a more sturdy and long-lasting option. Although these options tend to be pricier than wall-mounted ones, they can support significantly heavier weights. If you plan on regularly squatting with heavy weights, a free-standing squat rack is the way to go.

Power racks are the sturdiest and most versatile type of squat rack, offering the most safety features and weight capacity. They are perfect for serious lifters who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing their equipment can handle anything they throw at it. However, power racks are also the most expensive type of squat rack, so they may not be the best option for those on a budget.

Things to look for when purchasing a squat rack

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of a squat rack is the most important factor to consider when purchasing one. Make sure to choose a squat rack that can accommodate your current lifting weights as well as any future increase in weight.

Safety features

Another important factor to consider is the safety features of the squat rack. Look for a squat rack with a full cage, safety bars in case of a failed rep, and spotters. This will make sure you are as safe as possible while lifting heavyweights.


When purchasing a squat rack, it is important to consider the height of the unit. A squat rack that has a vertical bar will be ideal for doing chin-ups and pull-ups, while one with a horizontal bar will be great for performing bench presses or squats.

The best squat racks with a pull-up bar on the market today

Without further ado, here are the seven best :


The CDCASA Power Cage is made with high-quality, thick tubular steel. The frame is reinforced with multiple panels for extra stability. It also has rubber pads on the bottom of each foot to keep it in place and protect your floor. This cage has been tested extensively and is double-sturdy for your safety. It also comes with multiple grip pull-up bars, dip handles, J hooks for barbell storage, and spotter arms, so you can stay safe and comfortable while working out.

The 11 levels of adjustable settings for J hooks, dip handle, and spotter arms lets you customize the equipment to fit your needs for different exercises. You can adjust the height to be anywhere from 14.5” to 70.5”, so you can find the perfect position for each exercise.

The 2 weight plate storage posts make it easy to organize weights while improving the machine’s stability. The 4 Resistance Bands posts let you add resistance bands for squats. You can also expand the machine by adding Olympic bars and an adjustable weight bench for more exercises, like squats, curls, crunches, pull-ups, and flat bench press.

The package includes a Power Rack, User Manual, and Tools. The package doesn’t include Barbells, Weight plates, or Resistance bands. Please note: When using resistance bands, put more weight plates on the storage posts to prevent tipping over. Max Weight Capacity: 660 lbs(Bar Catches), 440 lbs(Pull-up Bars)

#2 Zenova

The power squat rack is very strong and can hold a lot of weight. It is made out of steel and has a rubber bottom so it won’t move around on the floor. You can do different exercises on it, such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and pull-ups. The rack also has adjustable arms that you can use for dips or to hold weights while you are working out.

Our squat rack can be used for a variety of exercises. It has a multi-grip pull up bar and a durable powder coat finish. The industrial zinc hardware makes it very durable. The assembled dimensions are 42.42″L X 40.18″W X 84.65″H, and the yellow main tube width is 2″. The gear spacing can be adjusted to 5.12″, and the double tube spacing is 38.5″. Item weight is 70.4LBS.

#3 Grind Fitness

The Chaos4000 is a very strong squat rack that can handle a lot of weight. It also comes with safety spotter arms, which you should use when bench pressing or squatting alone.

The back of your rack is a good place to put your weight plates. This will keep the rack stable and make it easy to load the bar. The rack has 3 evenly spaced weight pegs for your 45’s, 35’s, 25’s olympic weight sets and change plates. It can hold a lot of weight, but we also designed it with features for home gym owners like a multi-grip pull-up bar for chin-ups, lined j-cups, spotter arms, black powdercoat, numbered uprights, and more.

#4 Merax Wall Mount

This power rack can be folded inward and outward to save space. It is sturdy and sleek, which makes it perfect for starting your own garage or home gym. The pin and hinge system also allows you to quickly remove the pull-up bar after your workout. When you’re done, just fold the rack up against the wall.

The Merax wall mount squat rack is easy to install and comes with straightforward instructions. Quick-attach pull-up bar and 2 sets of J-cups help you start bench pressing, doing squats, dips, and other creative exercises within minutes after installing the rack to your wall. The heavy-duty 3″ x 2″ steel helps maintain maximum strength. Overall dimensions of the Merax wall mount power rack are 91″ x 47″ x 23″. The pull up bar capacity is 440 lbs., and the J-cup capacity is 1000 lbs.

#5 PRx Performance

The V3 Kipping Bar design has two pull up bars across uprights at the same height. This allows you to do all kinds of kipping movements, like toes to bar and muscle ups, with ease. You can also do traditional pull-ups and neutral grip pull ups on this bar. It is powder coated black with an added grip texture

The PRx Performance Profile PRO squat rack is a heavy-duty, patented design made in the USA from 3×3 11 gauge steel. It comes in 10 different colors and has uprights that are either 90” or 96” high. There are 1” holes with laser-cut numbers, and a pair of 3×3 J-cups is included that can hold 1,000 lbs.

#6 SpecStar

The PECSTAR Power Cage is a sturdy piece of equipment that can withstand a lot of use. It has multiple reinforced steel tubes and a weight capacity of 660 lbs. You can do a variety of pull-ups on it, and the J hooks, dip handle, and spotter arms are adjustable to fit your needs. The pull-up bar also has a weight capacity of 440 lbs.

L-shaped leg tubes are added to the bottom of the squat rack to make it more stable. The 20°inclination makes the power cage even more stable. The rubberized anti-slip pads on the corners of the power tower provide extreme safety during all kinds of training sessions. The adjustable power tower is practical fitness equipment both for home and gym.

#7 Murphy Rack by PRx Performance

This rack is made of all steel parts and can hold up to 1000 pounds. The parts are all made of quality steel and have a black powder coat finish for added strength and protection. The j-cups have added UHMW to protect both the rack and your barbells. The foot plugs on the bottom of each upright will protect your flooring from any damage.

The uprights on this rack are 90 inches tall and 22 inches off the wall when in use. They fold up to be only 4 inches off the wall and 108 inches tall. This makes it possible to use this rack in any room or garage without sacrificing space. You can also make this rack more versatile by adding the PRx Performance folding weight bench (sold separately).

You need 108″ of ceiling height to install the rack in the normal way. If you have a lower ceiling, we can modify the installation for you.

The Research

How we do the research

We start by looking at hundreds of product reviews on major retailers, forums and product databases. Where possible, we then check with experts on what to consider when purchasing and what their top picks are. For each product, we check to see if the retailer and the manufacturer are reliable. You can see more about our process here. You can also read more about who we are on the about page.

Who this is for

Squat racks are used by anyone looking to build muscle and strength through weight lifting. If you are a serious lifter and you want the best equipment for your home gym, then a squat rack is an important purchase. Whether you’re a beginner or already have some experience in lifting weights, these reviews will give you the inside scoop on what models are worth considering when purchasing a squat, and which ones you should avoid.

How we picked

Factors that we considered include weight capacity, price, safety features, and height. All of the squat racks in our list have a high weight capacity and solid safety features to keep you safe while lifting weights.

When it comes to price, we accounted for value here. We compared the specifications of each product against its price point to determine which models offer the best bang for your buck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a squat rack?

A: A squat rack is a piece of strength training equipment that is used to support barbells during squats. It consists of an open framework with four uprights, and typically includes safety features such as weight pegs and spotter arms.

Q: How much weight can a squat rack hold?

A: The weight capacity of a squat rack depends on the model, but most have a weight capacity of at least 500 pounds.

Q: What are the benefits of using a squat rack?

A: Squat racks offer several benefits for lifters, including increased safety during squats, and the ability to add weight incrementally without having to re-rack the barbell each time. Additionally, squat racks can be used for other exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups, and bench presses.

Q: What should I look for when purchasing a squat rack?

A: When purchasing a squat rack, you should consider the weight capacity, safety features, height, and price. Make sure to choose a model that can support your weight and that has features like safety bars, spotters, and a full cage to ensure safety while lifting heavy weights. Additionally, you should consider the height of the unit depending on how you plan to use it. If you want to perform chin-ups or pull-ups, choose a model with vertical uprights, while models with horizontal uprights are ideal for bench presses or squats. Finally, remember to look at price when making your decision—the best squat racks offer great quality without breaking the bank!

Q: What is the difference between a power rack and a squat rack?

A: Power racks and squat racks are similar, but there are some key differences. Power racks typically have more safety features than squat racks, such as J-hooks and spotter arms. Additionally, power racks tend to be taller than squat racks, which can be beneficial if you want to do pull-ups or chin-ups. However, power racks also tend to be more expensive than squat racks. If you’re on a budget, a squat rack is a great option—just make sure to choose one with plenty of safety features.

Final Thoughts

A squat rack with a pull up bar is a versatile and essential piece of equipment for any home gym. When purchasing one, make sure to consider the weight capacity, safety features, and height of the unit. The seven products reviewed above are some of the best on the market and will help you take your weight lifting to the next level.

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