What Is the Best Body Type for MMA?

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The beauty of mixed martial arts is that everyone can participate, regardless of their weight or height – there is a weight class for everyone.

As you look around your gym at all the different body types, you might be thinking: “which is the best body type for MMA?”

The Mesomorph body type is typically the best for MMA in more straightforward terms; we can say the athlete body type. This is due to their ideal combination of strength, endurance, and explosiveness. The Mesomorph can master a number of martial arts, giving them a diverse combat skill set.

Having said that, different body shapes might offer their own set of benefits. A good fighter will learn to battle with their inherent physical abilities.

We have seen a variety of physique types. There are short and stocky fighters, tall and slender fighters, freakishly large fighters, and everything in between.

They each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some of this is due to their peculiar body form and size.

MMA incorporates a wide range of techniques from many combat systems. Some martial arts may have a higher proportion of one body type than others. When it comes to MMA, though, you’ll witness a wide range of styles.

Let’s have a look at the various body types and the martial arts that they are suitable for.

What Are the Three Different Body Types Ideal for MMA?

Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph are the three main MMA body types. Ectomorph is also known as the “thin” or “lanky” kind. 

The muscular type is another name for Mesomorph. The Endomorph, often known as the stocky type, is lower in stature but has a broader frame.

Let’s have a look at all the body types in detail and all the all points related to them.

1. Ectomorph: The Skinny Kind

Ectomorphs have a “lanky” appearance. Muay Thai shorts are worn by the fighter.

Ectomorphs are slender with longer limbs and a shoulder breadth that is similar to their hip-width, like one straight line.

They are often tall or “lanky,” with minimal body fat and fast metabolism. They usually have a hard time gaining muscle mass and require a high-calorie intake to make a difference.

MMA Fighters That Are Ectomorphs

Ectomorph fighters generally have a few distinct physical characteristics that might provide them with significant benefits.

Ectomorphs have an advantage in reach and height due to their long bodies, arms, and legs. With a longer reach, the fighter can gain an advantage in striking and make it challenging for the opponent to respond.

Consider Anderson Silva’s “Spider.” He has incredibly long arms and legs, and his ability to kick people in the face with no effort makes him dangerous. Thanks to their height, they can be tough to struggle with and control. Usually, the taller fighter has the upper hand.

Long limbs are advantageous in Muay Thai. Muay Thai shorts are worn by the fighters. The length of an Ectomorph’s limbs may also assist a lot on the ground, especially in BJJ. Legs with more reach can trap their opponent in place and make it difficult for them to flee.

As the Ectomorph wraps them up, they’ll expend more energy trying to protect or counter.

Ectomorph Fighter Specialties

Muay Thai and BJJ are two sports in which Ectomorphs excel.

The Ectomorph’s reach advantage makes landing a variety of kicks more simple in Muay Thai. In BJJ, the Ectomorph may expend less energy when wrapping up opponents with their long limbs, making evasion harder.

2. Mesomorph: The Muscular Kind

Mesomorphs have smaller hips and broader shoulders than other body types.

Mesomorphs have a bigger build than Ectomorphs, and their shoulders are broader than their hips. They can gain muscle mass more quickly while still burning fat at a tolerable calorie intake.

A Mesomorph body type is often taller than average, with regular-sized limbs and normal or superior metabolism.

MMA Fighters That Are Mesomorphs

The most common fighter is the Mesomorph. Naturally, they have a physical advantage in terms of gaining strength and endurance.

The Mesomorph is physically balanced, but the Ectomorph has advantages in reach and height. This type of combatant is designed for speed and explosive power. They may have the best combination of strengths of all body types, but they may lack the benefits of an Ectomorph or Endomorph.

The Mesomorph is generally considered to be the best body type for fighting because of its wide range of favorable characteristics. It’s why you’ll see a lot of personalities in sports like boxing, martial arts, and even wrestling have this body type.

Mesomorph Fighter Specialties

Mesomorphs have a physical type that allows them to adapt to a variety of martial arts. They have the power and endurance to use in a variety of striking and ground combat situations.

For the Mesomorph, boxing is frequently an effective tool. Boxing training will push the boxer to his or her maximum stamina and fitness ability. They’ll learn to become outstanding strikers for MMA along the road.

Wrestling is a good sport for the Mesomorph to try if they want to improve their athleticism. They’ll enhance their whole fighting game by utilizing their inherent strength and endurance talents.

3. Endomorphs: The Stocky Type

Endomorphs are big and burly.

Endomorphs are frequently described as being “short and stocky.” Their shoulders are the same breadth as their hips. An Endomorph may develop significant bulk quickly, but it may struggle to reduce its body fat percentage, which tends to be higher around the middle.

Professional fighters who are trying to make weight for a competitive fight may find it difficult to trim weight.

MMA Fighters That Are Endomorphs

Endomorph fighters are frequently seen in the larger weight classes since they can gain weight more quickly, allowing them to compete in those categories.

Owing to their lower center of gravity and powerful legs, the Endomorph is sometimes regarded as the finest body type for fighting on the ground.

Endomorph Fighter Specialties

Endomorphs have a natural grounding and strong basis due to their stocky physique. Thanks to their low center of gravity, they can produce a lot of force by twisting their hips. It can help them excel at hooks and uppercuts in tight quarters.

Fights are won by being able to maintain constant control over your opponent.

In Wrestling, the thick combatant can be pretty powerful. They are generally shorter, making it easier for them to attack the legs. Their powerful torso, hips, and legs help them to control the battle on the ground once they’ve secured a takedown.

The Combination Type

It’s important to note that only a tiny fraction of people have a mix of body types.

Some fighters may have the Mesomorph body type, but their arms are lengthy, giving them a reach advantage. Others may have the majority of Mesomorph characteristics but have somewhat broader hips, allowing them to create greater torque power.

So Which One Is the Best?

To summarise, the Mesomorph possesses the best physical characteristics for fighting. However, MMA encompasses a wide range of martial arts, each with its own set of benefits for distinct body types. You may discover that you can build the finest MMA basis for your body type and then use it to great advantage in a fight. 

With their reach, tall and slender types may more readily dominate opponents on the feet.

Due to their high stamina, athletic body types may succeed in a number of combat arts and excel in burst strength output.

A fighter with a thick body type can wrestle an opponent to the ground and stay on top. You were born with your body type, so make the most of it by following the advice in this article. Learn how to use your skills against various kinds of opponents. In little time, you’ll be a fantastic all-around fighter.

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