7 Best Heavy Bag Stands (Ranked and Reviewed 2023)

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No matter what your level of expertise in martial arts, you will eventually need to purchase or use a heavy bag stand. When it comes to these stands, there are many different factors you need to consider before making your purchase.

To help make the process easier for you, we have compiled a list of the seven best heavy bag stands on the market today. We have ranked them according to price, features, and benefits, so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

How we chose

  • Quality. We included items produced by reputable manufacturers that adhere to good manufacturing processes.
  • Vetting. We take product selection seriously. We only want to recommend the highest quality products, which is why we carefully vet every potential supplier.
  • Price. We try to provide options for everyones budget preferences.
  • Ease of setup. Some stands require minimal setup while others require drilling.

Best Heavy Bag Stands

Here is my list of ranked and reviewed heavy bag stands for this year.

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand

#1 Outslayer Heavy Bag Stand

This is a Muay Thai Bag Stand that is 7ft 8inches tall. It can hold punching bags up to 350lbs. The stand is made of 11 gauge steel and it is stabilized via sandbags.

The legs on this stand are about 4 ft away from each other. Each leg is 30″ inches long, and they can be extended an additional 12″-15″. This stand is good for home use because it takes up little space and the base is triangular. This means you can place it in a corner, with the legs against the wall, and have plenty of clearance for all your kicks.

Outslayer Heavy Bag Stand
  • If the stand is too tall for your ceiling , you can ask them to customize it
  • Sand bags ARE included (not filled)
  • Best for 6 ft heavy bags
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Up to 350lbs

Best Heavy Bag Wall Mount

#2 Everlast | Foldable Boxing Heavy Bag Hanger

The Everlast Foldable Heavy Bag Wall Hanger is a great way to keep your heavy bag in one place during your workout. This will allow you to exercise without generating a lot of noise or vibrations. The hanger is compatible with most surfaces and also includes a spring that will hold the bag in position.

You may utilize this hanger even if you have a 150-pound heavy bag. It also keeps the bag away from the wall, allowing you to hit it from different angles.

Everlast | Foldable Boxing Heavy Bag Hanger
  • An alternative to traditional stands.
  • Holds up to a 176-pound (80kg) bag
  • Minimizes noise from vibrations
  • Attaches to any type of wall
  • Steel
  • Some assembly needed

Best Solo Heavy Bag Stand

#3 Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand

The Everlast Heavy Bag Stand is made of heavy-duty steel tubing which is coated in powder to make it stronger. You can use it to hold up a heavy bag that is up to 100 LBS. It is easy to assemble and takes up minimal space (57″ L x 47.6″ W x 86.2″ H).

Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand
  • No Frills design
  • No sandbags or mounts needed for use
  • Not recommended for outside use
  • Can hold up to 100lb bag
  • Powder-coated steel tubing
  • Easy to assemble

Runner Up Solo Heavy Bag Stand

#4 Century Heavy Bag Stand

This heavy bag stand is made of 3″ tubular steel and is very durable. It can withstand hard punches and kicks. The stand also includes weight pegs to make it more stable. The stand can hold up to 100lbs (heavy bag not included).

Century Heavy Bag Stand,
  • 48" W x 48" W x 84.25" H
  • Weighs 50 lbs
  • Simple no-frills design
  • Holds up to 100lbs
  • Gray
  • Includes Weight Pegs and Mounts

Best Bolt to Ground Heavy Bag

#5 Titan Fitness Heavy Bag Boxing Stand

The Titan Heavy Bag Boxing Stand is perfect for any home gym, fitness center, or boxing gym. This heavy-duty stand is very stable and can hold up to 300 lbs. The post is made of heavy-duty 4″ x 4″ powder coated square steel that will last a long time. The post is adjustable with two sets of heights so it can fit any size bag.

Titan Fitness Heavy Bag Boxing Stand
  • Easy bolt together design.
  • Gusseted footplate for extra strength and stability.
  • Adjustable height: 7' 4" or 8' 6"
  • 360-degree access around bag.
  • Up to 300lbs

Best Corner Stand

#6 Century Corner Man Hanger

This ultra-stable heavy bag suspension system is perfect for practicing powerful strikes. It can hold up to 100 lbs securely and has six height adjustments so you can find the perfect position for you. It is also able to withstand powerful punches and rigorous workouts.

Century Corner Man Hanger
  • Ultra Stable
  • Adjustable
  • Holds up to 100 lbs
  • Corner stand allows for more movement
  • No sandbags or mounts needed for use

Best Foldable Corner Stand

#7 VivoHome Foldable Heavy Bag Stand

Best Foldable Corner Stand
VivoHome Foldable Heavy Bag Stand
  • Holds up to 130lbs
  • Adjustable height
  • Steel sandbag rack
  • It can be put together in a few minutes

Frequently asked questions

Types of Punching Bags


This workout tool is great for strength training because it resists your strikes.

Heavy bags are made of canvas or vinyl, and they can weigh anywhere from 70 to 350 pounds. They’re best for kicking and punching because they’re filled with cloth. Keep in mind that light bags have less mobility than other bags. Because heavy bags are heavier, you won’t need to move the bag between attacks, but this makes them more stationary and inconvenient. It’s also critical to double-check that your ceiling is strong enough to support the bag before hanging it up.

To make sure that your heavy bag is the right size for you, take your personal body weight and divide it by two. For example, if you weigh 140 lb., then your heavy bag should weigh about 70 lb. You can also choose a heavy bag that is closer to the next whole number if you are in-between sizes.

Heavy Bag Sizing Guide

  • 140lbs – 70lb bag
  • 180lbs – 90lb bag
  • 220lbs – 110lb bag
  • 260lbs – 130lb bag
  • 300lbs – 150lb bag

Teardrop Bags

Kneeling, elbowing, and uppercutting are all easier with this teardrop form. These activities help you increase your range of motion, allowing you to do more exercises in the same amount of time.


Free-standing bags look like heavy bags, but they have some differences. For example, they don’t hang, and they are usually shorter with a sturdy base that can be filled with water or sand. They are also easier to kick than uppercut because of their height. Lastly, free-standing bags are easy to move around.

Body bags

If you are interested in MMA or grappling, we recommend that you use a body bag. This is a bag that stands on the ground and is shaped like a person. This will help you get used to hitting or throwing something that looks like a human.


Speed bags quickly snap back and come back to you. This helps your timing, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination. If you want to stay fit, using a speed bag is a great option. Even though it offers less resistance, you will still get a good aerobic workout. Punching this lighter bag will use muscles in your arms, back, core, and legs. If you are new to speed bags, start with a bigger bag that will be slower and easier to hit. As you improve, work your way down to a smaller size bag.

Double End Bags

A double-end bag is an excellent way to increase the intensity of your speed bag workout. This type of bag is connected to both the floor and the ceiling, so it won’t shift around like a regular speed bag. Because it has greater mobility, it can hit back, aiding in the development of reflexes. Double-end bags also enable you to approach them from various angles, allowing you to hit them harder.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag vs Boxing Heavy Bag

The main difference is that Muay Thai bags are longer so you can practice low kicks. If you want your punching bag to swing less then one way to fix this is by adding extra weight. You can do this by either buying a Muay Thai heavy bag or by buying a size up in a traditional heavy bag.

The final word

Picking the right heavy bag is important for your success in training. If you are new to boxing, we recommend that you start with a traditional heavy bag. If you are looking for more of a challenge, then consider a Muay Thai heavy bag or a double-end bag. No matter what type of bag you choose, make sure that it is the appropriate size and weight for you.

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